Who we are

Pamorart is a platform for all types of art, a reference point for online art, as in a real window into art. This platform has the format of an online gallery and enables the art passionates and buyers access to pieces such as visual art, antique objects, tradicional folk clothes and Albanian art publishing. Pamorart offers to the public well known artists and their artistic works and also new successful artists who are active in different art genres. Pamorart will also offer art pieces and objects from other art galleries and other collectors who have kept works of the Socialist Realism in Albania (1944-1990).

In Pamorart you will find specially chosen pieces from the studios of well-experienced artists, but also new artists of visual arts with pieces that belong to various disciplines: paintings, sculptures, graphics, drawings, collage, ceramics, photography, clothing, other traditional Albanian pieces and publishing mostly about visual arts, museums and Albanian iconography.

Pamorart portal offer security and is really easy to use when it comes to selling and purchasing of an art piece, including all the warranties and no risks. We are a group of professionals who deal in promotion and artistic consulting. Our team, due to their extensive experience in years in this sector, is a partner you can trust for their competence in valuing an art piece.

Maximal reliability, punctuality and professionalism in online dealings of art pieces and different objects is what Pamorart platform offers with full transparency towards all artists, photographers, art galleries, collectors and publishers of magazines, catalogues and albums of visual arts.

Pamorart is the most reliable meeting point even for dialogue of offerings in the world of arts.

Social aims

Exhibition in Pamorart is formatted as a social project, which treats art and the democratization of it as a factor of cultural development, which supports artists through selling of artistic works. Of course, Pamorart will have other activities as well for artists who want to collaborate, and organize special events like auctions (will be announced accordingly), as well as sellings whose profits go for charity undertakings.

Our objectives

  • Democratization of art (closing the art and appraisement to the art-loving public, out of the narrow circles where they remain most of the time).
  • Service to the society (believing that art will help improve the world around us)
  • Collaboration with all parties (creation of a common group composed of artists, art-lovers, partner companies, sponsors and especially youth people.