Aleksandër Filipi

Aleksandër Filipi is part of the group of Albanian contemporary painters. He went to the “Jordan Misja” artistic lyceum and High Institution of Arts, Tirana. Filipi tends to create compositional paintings and has made pieces themed with historical events, legends and motives from the everyday life, starting from the 80s (XX century). Aleksandër Filipi is one of the four Albanian co-authors who created the enormous mosaic titled “Albania” as the facade of the National Historical Museum, Tirana, with a surface area of 450 square meters (1981). Filipi, always being figurative and often using symbolic figures, continues to be an important contemporary painter regarding compositional painting in Albania, where human figure takes importance. Aleksandër Filipi’s paintings have inner dynamics, but also magic, as they are just as monumental as energetic which gives one an explosive impression.