Adrian Çene

Adrian Çene is a well-known contemporary artist in Albania. He graduated in painting from the Academy of Arts (now the University of the Arts) in Tirana. Çene is one of the main and important restorers in Albania. He specialised in Venice at the European Centre, on the mastery of the preservation of cultural heritage in works of art. On 2007-2009 he studied at the school of Restoration and Preservation of Painting in wood and mural, at the Institute of Cultural Monuments, Tirana, supported by UNESCO. The artist has a very wide activity as a painter, where he is distinguished for a Neo-Fauvist stylistic painting, dominated by the figurative expressiveness of the forms, the contrast in the relations of powerful colours with light. The artist uses bold expressive forms to the limits of abstraction. Remaining optimistic at the same time, Cene paints as if he wants to provide a solution to the very difficult and aggressive Albanian transition after the fall of communism. Adrian Çene has exhibited in Albania, Europe, the USA and Australia.