Anastas Kostandini – Taso

Anastas Kostandini (Taso), was born in the city of Pogradec on July 23, 1954 (south-eastern Albania). He completed his studies in painting at the “Jordan Misja” Artistic High School, Tirana, and his higher studies at the High Institute of Arts, also in the capital, where he graduated in Monumental Painting and Cavalry (1978). In 1978-1981, he participated as a co-author in the realization of the mosaic “Albania” (450m2) on the facade of the National Historical Museum, Tirana. Taso in 1983, opened the first personal exhibition in his hometown. Anastas Kostandini (Taso) is an important painter of Albanian art of the XX – XXI century. For his creativity he was awarded the title “Merited Painter” (1991) and “Honorary Citizen” (2005) of the city of Pogradec. Atelie “Taso” is currently the artist’s two-story apartment near the city center. In addition to the studio where the artist creates, all the other environments have been turned into museum environments with the artist’s works in graphics, painting (oil, acrylic, pastel), drawing, mosaic and collages. Atelie “Taso” inventory reaches over 20,000 drawings and graphics, 1000 paintings and hundreds of pastels made in Albania, France, Germany, Italy.