PamorArt, the newest platform for art lovers

The PAMORART platform offers for the first time to art lovers, collectors and the interested public, a collection of works of art and original handicrafts of Albanian creators from all over Albania. PAMORART is an online art gallery that professionally presents images of works of art in painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, etc. by some of the most famous artists in Albania who live and create in the cities: Tirana, Shkodra, Berat , Elbasan, Fier, Pogradec and Kor├ža. For each artist there is a concise introductory which has attached a more extensive material, where importance is given to the completion of the artistic figure of the artist accompanied by the list of personal and collective exhibitions of each author, artistic evaluations and their ideas or comments about the creative path and artistic vision. The artists presented at PAMORART have selected their own creations and belong to different generations as an age but also as an artistic expression starting from works with realistic, impressionistic, expressive character, abstract, decorative works and collages.

PAMORART offers absolute guarantee on the originality of the works, packaging and professional and secured transport (from the Serious Insurance Company) of the work to the buyer accompanied by the PASAPORT OF ACTION, officially issued by the competent bodies of the Albanian state. PAMORART bears responsibility (keeping the necessary documentation) for any damage that may occur during the transport of the work, immediately communicating with the buyer for any concerns until the arrival of the work or various objects (art, handicrafts) at the buyer.

PAMORART, as a serious art platform, in addition to works of visual arts, will also offer original objects of Albanian handicrafts created by Albanian masters over the centuries. These objects are original and unique realized by Albanian artisans in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. They are part of the costumes or full Albanian folk costumes of different regions of Albania. There are also personal objects decorated in silver, carved wooden objects, various covers made in a unique craft, old editions of the XVIII, XIX century, etc. Of course, a special place will be occupied by the original industrial products made during the communist period in Albania.

PAMORART, except for the web platform, has an online presence on the most important social media such as Facebook (click here), Instagram (click here) and is always ready to address every question or interest that you might have through all the communication channels as published throughout the site.

PAMORART has also established relationships with galleries and art studios of various artists who will be present with their works on the platform.

PAMORART will strictly maintain the seriousness of the image, the maximum quality of presentation of any subject and the correctness of communication.

PAMORART will establish reciprocal links and relations with serious auction houses outside Albania, aiming to conduct an Auction in cooperation with them, later aiming to realize the Art Auctions itself as a licensed subject.