Billboards 3

Title: Billboards 3

Year: 2019

Techique: Mixed drawing: Pencil, Pastel, Carbon, Acrylic, Oil paint

Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 105×76 cm

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Artan Draçini

Artan Draçini is a contemporary Albanian painter. He completed his higher studies in graphics at the Higher Institute of Arts, Tirana, and lives and works in the city of Shkodra (northern Albania). Draçini’s creativity has the tendency of an artistic research with motifs from his city, from everyday life, focused on the creation of spaces and plans organised by the artist as a collaboration between the real with the unreal. On his graphic cycles, Draçini unfolds his fantasy with the tools of classical and contemporary graphics, preserving a language of expression balanced without contrasts, but with elements that express the power of the artist’s imagination, where the poetics, expressiveness and free gesture of the creator are preserved. Draçini expresses himself through the language of symbolism, using elements of the past (human images, landscapes) as an echo in the present, to reflect this fact as a normal and ironic misunderstanding in the future. Such a process of recycling imaginary events creates a lasting piece of art in the value system of modern Albanian art of the century we live in.