Bucolic Theme

Title: Bucolic theme


Material: Terracota


Dimensions: 15 x 5 cm

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Maksim Bushi

Maksim Bushi belongs to the generation of Albanian artists who were formed at the Albanian Realist School of Sculpture. He has made portraits, compositions and works in bronze (monuments) for the public squares of his city, Lushnja. He first exhibited in 1974. Maksim Bushi’s sculpture is notable for the realism and warmth of the plastic language in its entirety. The artist is very careful in finding and identifying human characters, in discovering the psychology and realization of the details. A series of works by the artist has been dedicated to the motifs from the area of Myzeqe, where the sense of humour and the psychological richness of the figures he deals with, stands out. Maksim Bushi has done works with a sense of humour in sculpture and many cartoons, which he published in the humorous magazine of the time “Hosteni”. In his cycles of recent years, the artist deals mainly with social themes, finding contemporary compositional solutions.