The man and the hearth

Title: The man and the hearth


Techique: Mix

Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 60×70

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Fatmir Juka

Fatmir Juka is part of the new generation of contemporary Albanian artists. Juka is a multidimensional figure. After graduating in the “Albanian University of Arts” Tirana, he became known as the curator of many exhibitions of various artists; co-curator and conceptualist of interiors, co-founder of art magazines and external lecturer at the university of his hometown, Shkodra. Fatmir Juka was a cultural specialist in the Municipality of the city, a specialist and later director of the Historical Museum and since 2018 he has been the director of the Art Gallery, Shkodra. Passionate about the tradition of traditional clothing and especially of Xhubleta, Juka created the cycle with over 50 paintings dedicated to this motif, starting it since 2010. Relying on the graphics of the black Xhubleta, the white Xhubleta and its variants, he carefully created contemporary works of art, where mainly on a black opaque background the symbolic linear motifs develop, with mainly red color that shifts sometimes in the center, sometimes up, sometimes down or sideways. This artistic attitude allows the artist to preserve the decorativeness of the works of this special and unique cycle.