Title: Columns


Technique: Mix

Material: Wooden board


Dimensions: 34 x 29 x 3.3 cm

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Ledia Kostandini

Ledia Kostandini is part of the new generation of contemporary Albanian artists who are active in the theater of visual arts of the first decade of the XXI century. She is the daughter of painter Anastas Kostandini (Taso). After her graduation from the Artistic High School “Jordan Misja”, Tirana in the class of pedagogues Hasan Çapari, Gentian Gjikopulli, Edmond Mato, Monda Zaharia (graphics) she studied for monumental painting at the Academy of Arts, Tirana, under the direction of professors Gazmend Leka, Shpëtim Kërçova and Artan Peqini. After graduation, Kostandini stayed in Tirana and collaborated with various publishing houses to illustrate their publications, mainly for children. Influenced by the American artist Edward Hopper, Ledia tends towards photorealism, addressing the urban themes of the capital where she lives, Tirana, or her childhood motives. She exhibited in several art galleries in Tirana, Paris, Berlin, Croatia, Skopje, USA, being in search of figurative artistic expressions with a social theme, from the life of youth and the noise of the life of the Capital. Her artistic practice includes a variety of media such as: photography, painting, installation, public interventions and illustration. She experiments and finds formal contemporary expressive ways.

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