Title: Gjirokastra


Technique: Oil paint

Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 39 x 49

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Petraq Pecani

Petraq Pecani belongs to the generation of Albanian painters in plain-air, who started their creativity at the end of the XX century. He was dedicated to the rural landscapes, attracted by the Albanian nature of the central and southern areas (Gjirokastra, Korca, Pogradec, Fier, Elbasan, Gramsh). Pecani created interesting pictorial cycles with realistic-expressionist tendencies. The hilly landscapes, the image of a village on the slope of a hill, a stream that crosses the field, the haystacks near the village houses, autumn, winter and various images from some areas of Albania are the subject of Pecani’s landscapes. Characteristic of his works is the richness and coloristic expression. With his brush, Pecani evokes quite truthfully the landscapes of Albanian nature. The light in these paintings seems to come from an invisible point and they are illuminated according to a special code, where colour takes precedence. The colours under Pecani’s brushstroke stick tightly on the canvas and it looks as if the image with its structures takes on the character of a “sculptural” landscape and sometimes of a structure that seems to move.