Coronation (2010)

Title: Coronation


Year: 2010


Technique: Oil paint


Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 90 x 110 cm

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Agron Polovina

Polovina belongs to the group of modern Albanian painters educated in the High Institution of Arts, Tirana, during the 80’s of the XX century. He finished his studies on Graphics (1980-1983) in the workshops of the painters Pandi Mele and Vlash Prifti. Polovina lived in the city of Berat and surrounded by the artistic atmosphere of art, architecture and nature traditions of an ancient city he started his compositions as a panoramic painter, exposing since he was 19 years old. The artist, on his paintings with realism-expressionism trend, creates images based on modern conception, where colours and decorations take priority. He is a plain-air painter, but creates compositional paintings as well, inspired from the old legend of the creation of the city and inspiration of saints in frescoes and icons, thus creating real characters and images. Now the artist disconnects from realism and creates paintings with a near-byzantine symmetry.