The midnight musicians

Title: The midnight musicians

Year: 2016

Technique: Acrylic

Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 70 x 100

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Pano Kondo

Pano Kondo belongs to the generation of painters formed at the Albanian Academy of Painting in the late 1980s (1974–1978). He was born in the city of Përmet (1954) but completed his artistic training at the “Jordan Misja” Artistic High School, Tirana, and was also a student of scenography at the Higher Institute of Arts, Tirana. Pano Kondo worked for 20 years as the scenographer of the “Bylis” Theater, Fier (Central Albania), where he changed the concepts on naturalistic scenography by applying new modern means of expression. His professional works in the scenography of over 100 theatrical performances, concerts, comedies, varieties and his masterful costumes made Kondo acclaim various awards and certificates. Pano Kondo is a contemporary Albanian painter who preserves the pictorial figurative image. His inspiration is the Albanian nature and the life of common people. However, in Kondo’s works after the ’90s he passes into a powerful coloristic expression, where colour plays the main role in the works of an abstract symbolic decoration, where the energy of an artist who is in a constant search is felt.