Mother and child

Title: Mother and child

Year: 2006

Technique: Drawing

Material: Paper


Dimensions: 20 x 19 cm

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Merita Selimi

Merita (Selimi) Spahija belongs to contemporary Albanian painters who began their creativity in the late twentieth century. She was born in the city of Shkodra and graduated from the High School of Art “Preng Jakova” in the same city, later she graduated from the Academy of Arts, Tirana for graphics (1988-1992). After graduating, she lived and worked in Tirana. Until 2003 she was in charge of the art sector at the International Cultural Center, Tirana, then she worked as a scenographer at the National Theater for Children, Tirana and from 2014 Spahija is a lecturer at the University of Arts, Tirana. She is focused especially in drawings which she realizes them in large formats in the form of compositional pictures. She is expressed in a modern artistic language, an already consolidated black and white style and in some cases slightly colored. Spahija reveals the life of the city (hometown), sometimes its beauty, but more often she highlights the untold events, the shocking poverty of the highlanders of the Kelmendi area until the 1990s and the magic of the pastoral life of the plain surroundings of Shkodra.

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