Panorama (Italy)

Title: Panorama (Italy)


Techique: Oil paint

Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 60×70

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Genti Proko

Genti Proko is part of the Albanian painters who started their creativity after the fall of communism in Albania. Proko graduated from the “Tefta Tashko Koço” Art High School in Korça (Southeast Albania) and is part of the restoration specialists of works of art at the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korça. He has restored dozens of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons and has realized mural paintings for some orthodox churches in Dhërmi (Vlora) and Polene (Korça). In 1993 he opened his first personal exhibition at the “Guri Madhi” Gallery, Korça, and has continuously participated in local and national exhibitions in Albania, Austria, Greece. Proko is a realist painter, in his various works you can feel a warm color and graphic tendencies especially in quiet natures, while in landscapes the artist paints with brushes full of sunlight and feels the love for the nature.

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