The ballerina

Title: The ballerina

Year: 2000


Material: Bronze


Dimensions: 52 x 32.5 x 30 cm

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Mumtas Dhrami

Mumtas Dhrami is one of the important sculptors of Albanian art of the XX-XXI century. After graduating from Jordan Misja Art High School in Tirana, Dhrami continued his higher studies in sculpture at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture “I.E.Rjepin” in St. Petersburg – Russia (1957 – 1961), in the studio of Mihail Anikushi. Creativity of ” People’s Sculptor ”Muntaz Dhrami is quite extensive and he is the author of many monumental works, portraits, compositions and figures inspired by historical themes, the National Liberation Anti-Fascist War and socialist construction. Dhrami’s name and work are related and remembered for group collaboration (mainly with sculptors Kristaq Rama and Shaban Hadëri) for the realisation of some important national monuments such as: “Monument of the Declaration of Independence”, Vlora (1972), Monument of the Martyrs’ Cemetery of the Nation “Mother Albania”, Tirana (1972), Relief on the facade of Council of Ministers, Tirana (1974) etc. Mumtas Dhrami, along with other sculptors of socialist realism, has made many portraits of workers, peasants, patriots and renaissance fighters according to the requirements and principles of the art of the socialist realism.