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Vangjo Vasili

Vangjo Vasili belongs to the generation of Albanian painters who began their creativity in the last quarter of the twentieth century. He is part of the Albanian artists of “Plain-air”, painting landscapes from his hometown, Pogradec, where he appears as a personality in this genre of visual arts. Vasili’s paintings have always been praised for the transparent light, delicacy of “magic” brushstrokes, Lasgushian poetic serenity and the magic of Kuteli’s prose. Vasili’s pictorial creativity has a stylistic continuity and images even after the ’90s. He remains a painter of plain-air, a magical singer of Lake Pogradec, of the moments of the day, of the seasons of nature and at the same time of lyrical compositions, where the influence of the painter adored by him, Vangjush Mio, is strongly felt.