Reka’s daughter

Title: Reka’s daughter

Year: 2014

Technique: Oil paint

Material: Canvas


Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm

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Zaim Elezi

Zaim Elezi belongs to the Albanian artists who studied at the Academy of Arts of Albania. Elezi completed his secondary education at the “Jordan Misja” Art High School in Tirana and his higher studies for scenography at the Higher Institute of Arts. He worked for several years as a scenographer at the Palace of Culture in his hometown, performing scenography and costumes for the city’s professional theatre. Elezi was a participant in local and national exhibitions with his works, mainly landscapes and portraits. He moved to Tirana (1996) and opened his own painting studio, ZAYA. Being a painter of nature, Elezi has painted landscapes from almost all areas of Albania. In his works one can feel the atmosphere of the Mediterranean sunlight, the air transparency and the perspective that he realises with a deft impressionist brushstroke. In Zaim Elezi’s paintings, the poetic spirit of the artist is felt, as well as the love for the Albanian nature.

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